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"Estate agents are renowned for baffling their customers in to using their services. By the time the customer has worked out that what the agent said might not have been totally accurate, they've realised they've got 12 weeks of their 16 week contract left before they can change anything. This blog is here to try and help people avoid getting in those situations."

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Mr Green Launches Lettings & Property Management!

We’re a proud business when it comes to selling property.  We aim to give customers the most effective service available and based on our feedback and results, we’ve certainly been doing something very right. The decision…

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Southbourne Market Update – March 2017.

Southbourne is a fantastic place to live.  All us local resident know that…. Over the last two years or so it seems everyone else has noticed this too.  There are more higher income families coming to…

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The benefits of launching your property on Xmas Eve…….

Sounds a bit crazy right?  Who puts their house up for sale on Xmas Eve?  Well we do for many of our clients and have done so for the last few years with great success.  There…

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A little map of things I love in Southbourne… what would you add to it?

I’ve drew this map (very quickly) for someone looking at coming to the area but that doesn’t know it very well.  The green line is my favourite walk, Roots is my favourite restaurant… what would you…

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A story of a seller I see all too often.

When selling a property it’s really difficult to know what to do and whose judgement to trust.  Ultimately there’s one person that it ends up costing and that’s yourself, the customer. So let’s look at an…

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