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Southbourne Road

Guide Price £850,000 | For Sale

Detached House | Bedrooms: 16 | Bathrooms: 14

Southbourne Grove House was previously known as the Southbourne Grove Hotel.

In December 2016, it was decided by the owner that there appeared to be a high interest for the exclusive hire of large properties in the Bournemouth area, and a shortage of properties to meet this demand.

Bolstered by the premium rate value of the exclusive hire market, and in conjunction with the low 3% commission charges (as opposed to those of 15% for etc.) for the internet portals such as AirBnb, Group Accommodation and HomeAway . It was decided that in March 2017 the property would be re-named and re-launched as exclusive to weekend only private hire.

It should also be mentioned that many of the bookings are direct through the businesses own website. Many of the current guests will be returning so the expectation is that the house/business will generate many more direct bookings as time progresses.

In order to facilitate the change in market the property was closed for two months whilst adjustments were made to the rooms, along with the set up of booking online portals and marketing.

Since the re-launch in March, the property has confirmed bookings in excess of £60,000 and projections are for £100k for the year. This is with the property only being available for weekend hire.

The key to unlocking the enormous potential of this property is through making it available for week long bookings. You may only do this throughout the summer, but would create an enormous surge in revenue to over £200k+.

Please call for detailed costings and income figures. Viewing essential, but must be mid-week due to high level of bookings.