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Market Update

Mr Green Estate Agents market update. What’s selling in this area? Family houses are selling quickly and for strong prices.  Not silly prices, but strong prices.  I believe the positivity from buyers is based on there being such a low …

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The Mr Green 6 point Manifesto 2012.

I’ve seen so many unsuspecting people being taken advantage of by estate agents and mortgage advisors.  All these people wish to do is move house; why should they have to run a gauntlet of bad practice and most worryingly, bad …

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A snippet of my Mr Green journey….. so far.

I started Mr Green in September 2009 having never sold a house in my life; at 24; from my mum’s spare bedroom; with a tiny budget.  I even used the house land-line to save money.  Still the same number.  01202 …

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