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We’re here to help. Whether you’re a seasoned developer wanting market leading, incredibly accurate, heavily researched, honest and data-backed pricing, or you’re wondering if you can pay off your mortgage by selling your garden, we can help ensure you make the right call.

Questions we frequently help individuals answer are:

Does my land have potential?

All land has a value. The value of a piece of land is almost always significantly increased if there is development potential. Our expertise at this stage are really geared around advising clients on either the disposal of said land at the highest possible price or to help obtain the right type of planning to maximise the sale value for a later date.

I’ve applied for planning, are my numbers right?

Our research is second to none. If you’re running numbers, or even have the slightest query in terms of numbers, get in touch, we’ll happily share our data with you so as you can make the right decisions.

Often decisions during the planning phase on changes will be absolutely critical to the prices achieved. If you’re having to compromise on something, please do run it past us, we’ll let you know what will impact you in the least negative way.

I’ve had planning refused, is the dream over?

Firstly, having planning refused is not the end of the journey. A large majority of planning applications are refused first time round. We find having a thorough assessment of things may well lead to an obvious avenue to take forward in that an application will be successful.

Sometimes at this stage, we’re able to find a would-be buyer to take on the burden of obtaining planning with the view to purchase once successful.

I’ve had planning approved! Build or sell?

Congratulations, obtaining a planning consent is no small feat. You are now the proud owner of an asset that has a value in the market. Your options from here are realistically to build or sell. Both routes must be aimed at maximising your return on hard-work put forward.

What we find is our most valuable way to help clients at this stage is to understand the likely up side and down side of choosing either route. Let’s get up to date valuations and likely sale prices. You can ensure you make the right decision based on your circumstances.

We’re building, what shall we do about sales?

We’ve witnessed many unbelievable developments receive huge amounts of hard work, sweat, tears and patience to get this stage for it all to be let-down by a terrible sales process.

Our award winning team have a fantastic record in getting units sold at record-breaking prices off-plan.

Ultimately it’s all about making sure you have the right plan to maximise the sales prices in a timescale that suits your situation.

Estate agents results differ hugely and that’s no different in the new-build world. The best agent in any given area will achieve between 3% and 5% higher sales prices than the average agents. Whether we’re talking about a £200k 1-bedroom unit (between £6k and £10k extra in your pocket) or a £15million seafront development (between £450k and £750,000 extra in your pocket) it’s a huge amount of money that can be won or lost at this stage.