5 mistakes people make when buying a property……

Back again, but this time for anybody looking to purchase a property.  Here are 5 mistakes people commonly make when buying and some tips on how to avoid them.

1.  Not being in a position to proceed when making offers.  Why would you consider making an offer when not actually able to proceed with a purchase?  This is a definite no-no and will have estate agents and vendors’ backs up.  If you wish to just go and have a browse, it’s down to the estate agent and vendor as to whether they’re happy for you to view, but certainly don’t go putting offers in!  Make sure agents take you seriously.  This is important for when you want to get that £5k off your dream home.

2.  Getting really excited when you see a property and putting an offer in without thinking it through.  If you later pull out, the chances of you being able to negotiate a good purchase price through that estate agent for any other property will disappear.  Stay calm, always view twice before making decisions and ensure that when an offer goes in it is a serious one.

3.  Trusting what estate agents and mortgage advisors say too much.  Buying property is not rocket science.  It’s about making sure you do your own research and making your own mind up.  Too many people I see are swayed by what others say.  Use forums such as www.moneysupermarket.com and ask questions.  It’s easy to get good quality advice.  Be in control.

4.  Not putting offers in writing.  By putting an offer in writing, it enables the estate agent to pass it on to the vendor.  Sometimes this will be the difference between them accepting or not.  Always put the essential information surrounding the offer with the price; position, timescales, flexibility and why you wish to buy the house.  Don’t come across too keen, as that makes it easy for them to renegotiate.

5.  Buyers rarely do enough research!  This is a massive must.  Talk to people, ask questions, read up online.  Using websites such as http://www.property-bee.com/ and www.rightmove.com are essential in making sure you don’t pay over the odds, or on the opposite side, helping you get a real bargain.

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