50% of experts are clueless.

I’m slowly stopping reading and listening to the news.  Seems to me that most of what’s in there is absolute rubbish.
How many ‘experts’ have recently said that prices are going down?  Couple that with all the ‘experts’ that are saying prices are going up and it stands to reason that 50% of experts, by default, haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about.
So which 50% do you listen to?  I’m slowly erring on the side of neither.  What’s the point when they’re so frequently wrong?
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Most experts are media hungry.  Any publicity is good publicity and whatnot.  When their agenda is to have their/an opinion listened to/published more than it is to give accurate information is it worth listening to?  A lot of experts are incredibly smart people with their finger on the pulse, but most won’t give you an honest, non-extreme view of what’s happening as nobody would publish it.
Bit of a vicious circle I guess.  Imagine a news world that only published accurate information!
So in summary, ignore experts opinions.  Better off flipping a coin.  Will save a lot of time.