The benefits of buyer profiling.

We’ve been doing this with amazing results for years.  It’s not something I’ve ever heard another estate agent mention, let alone do, so thought I’d write a very quick blog on it.  I don’t wish to give away all our secrets!

Buyer profiling is the essential groundwork for what we do as part of the process when we’re listing a house for sale.  We effectively match a buyer type to that specific property based on carefully chosen criteria so that we can most accurately market the property to that buyer in order to achieve what our customer (you selling) wishes.

Benefits of doing this for the sellers are:

  • You are guaranteed to get the best price for your property.
  • You get a buyer that has a similar time-scale to yourselves for moving (less stress)
  • Far fewer wasted viewings.

Benefits for buyers:

  • Save time. Get taken to properties that truly fit your criteria.
  • Transparency in the buying process.

Benefits for us as estate agents:

  • Saves an immense amount of time as far fewer wasted viewings.
  • Achieve results quickly (we get paid only when a successful sale is concluded).
  • Happy clients makes for happy estate agents.

I have personally spent hours and hours and hours learning and educating myself on how to achieve the best possible results for our clients.  This process is essential to getting the best price.

Simon Ward
Mr Green

If you have any questions or queries get me on Twitter @mrgreenhomes.