The things you should know if you’re a serious buyer…….

When registering with an agency, there are some things that as a buyer, you would have ideally worked out if you want to be taken very seriously.

1.  How much money you’re wanting to spend.  Not about the money you want to spend.  Target is “I would like you to show me any properties that fit my criteria between £xxx,000 and £xxx,000.”  Try not to make it more complicated than that.

2.  The locations you’re looking in.  Go with names or postcodes or however you’re doing your search.  Name a few areas you’re not considering that are close by.  Try not to be too specific with first contact.  If you build a relationship with an agent they will then remember you and what you’re after.  The goal isn’t to get every single detail over in your first chat.  It’s about being taken seriously and making sure that agent calls you with property possibilities.

3.  Timescales.  When do you want to be in by?  I personally ask this question to suss out how serious someone is.  If I get a “I’m not sure” or “I’m in no rush” how can I give my time to that buyer ahead of  someone that says “I want to be in by X date because of Y, I know what I want and as soon as I see it I will go for it.”  Which buyer would you call first if you were an agent?  There are only so many hours in the day.

4.  House criteria.  You’re going to compromise on something.  It’s just what happens.  You might not know what compromises you’re willing to entirely make, but you should have a list of Definite’s and Maybe’s.  I definitely want a garage.  Simple.  I maybe want a garage but really depends on the house and if the garden was big, I could maybe do without one.  Not simple.  Do simple, forget complicated.  Your complicated requirement is seen as the fact you don’t really know what you want.

Any questions please do give me a shout.