5 tips to make getting to completion less hellish!

Moving home is difficult.  Sometimes it’s horrific. Having met and dealt with thousands of people that are moving or have moved home, I get to see the good, the bad and ugly!  

What I’d like to share with everyone is all the things that I’ve seen work really well.  Some people even look super chilled out when buying and selling! That is unquestionably not the norm!

  1. From the start, expect many things to go wrong.  It might be that things do go exactly to plan, but it’s highly likely they will deviate at some point.  Likely more than once! I’ve seen people hit major hurdles and simply say “Well, I never expected it to go smoothly!” and be totally relaxed.
  2. Do the easy, basic things really quickly.  Returning forms to solicitors, starting searches, getting mortgage application in etc. etc. The faster you get the basics started, the less time pressured any issues that come up will be.  Eg. Mortgage problem identified 3 weeks earlier is 3 weeks extra you have to resolve things.
  3. Use your agent before your solicitor for communicating problems with your buyer/seller (where possible) I see all the time a simple, honest question being turned in to a formal demand between parties once it’s passed through solicitors!  Causes so many problems….
  4. Set out clear objectives at the point of a sale being agreed.  Nothing worse than mixed wires causing serious issues at a later date.  
  5. Communicate, communicate, communicate.  If in doubt, communicate. So much easier keeping people on-side if they know what’s going on.  

Any questions please do ask!  Happy moving.