How do you buy the right front door?

The front door to a home is so important.  As with every purchase there’s always a balance between how it looks, the cost and quality.  Ideally it would be a case of paying the lowest price for the best looking door that is made to the highest standards and the latest technology; but how often does that happen?

Personal taste comes in to play, but I think there are some key things to consider.  I will at the end put my neck on the line with some pictures of front doors that I really like.  You are welcome to tear in to my own personal taste.  But if you’re thinking of selling, here are a few key things for choosing that perfect front door.

1.  Consider the age of your property.  Putting a cheap, composite front door on a character property is going to look pretty odd.

2.  Keep the quality in keeping with the rest of your property.  If you have a premium home, you’ve got to have a premium front door.

3.  Colour.  I’m personally all for a splash of colour, but unless you have really good taste, play it safe.  Walking through a rather fetching, bright, brave front door in to a house where the decor is really safe doesn’t work.

4.  Maybe you could tidy up your existing front door?  Getting your existing door finished really well could give a better result than buying a new one.

5.  Buy the best door you can afford.  It’s not something to scrimp on.  A better quality door will look better for longer.