Assembling your expert home-moving team!

The benefits to assembling a great team to help you move early on is HUGE!

You need a few services when moving, so why not get the best team you can and get it sorted early?  I’ll quickly skip through the team members you need below and then the overall benefits that most people don’t think about at the bottom.

Solicitors.  You need one to transact your purchase.  The better solicitor you can find for your money the better.  Who doesn’t love getting great bang for their buck?

The downside to hastily choosing a bad solicitor is that you end up with someone rubbish, it takes forever to try and buy the property and everyone loses hair with stress and/or the deal falls through over something daft.

Mortgages.  Post moving in, you’re going to have to pay the mortgage so it’s generally a good idea to pay as little as possible!  A great broker is worth their weight in gold.  A bad broker/advisor can lead you to heartbreaking disappointment.

Surveyors.  We’re seeing more and more that surveyors are giving less and less advice to prospective buyers and more and more copy and paste paragraphs aimed more at covering themselves from getting sued than giving helpful advice.

A great surveyor will ensure you don’t make a mistake. Not so much in buying somewhere you shouldn’t, but not buying somewhere you should have.


There are other services you will likely require, but the above 3 are your core team members that will have a massive impact on your move.

  1. Estate agents will be more helpful as they’ll know you’re serious.  “I’ve got my team sorted, I’m using X, Y and Z.”
  2. If you’re competing with another buyer for a property, guess who will get chosen if all else is equal?  Yep, the more prepared buyer.
  3. Be more attractive to sellers.  Maybe your offer is a fraction shy of what the seller wanted, but being so prepared and diligent, it might be enough to sway things just enough to get you your dream place.

So basically, getting prepared makes it far more likely for you to be given opportunities of new homes to market first, you’ll have more chance of being the chosen buyer for said properties and the overall experience will be infinitely less stressful and more pleasant for having good people on your team than bad.

Happy house hunting!