It will be easy to find a buyer for my home…….

This is something I hear a lot. And in certain markets and for certain houses, that will be a factual statement.

But….. Not all buyers are made equal. It’s always easy finding a buyer that’s in the middle range of things.

Are you ok with an ok buyer? That uses an ok solicitor? That offers an ok price, is in an ok position and is an ok on the trustworthiness scale?

No matter the market, no matter the property, you’re always looking for a needle in a haystack because the best buyer for any seller is a count of one. Someone will fall in love with your house that little bit more, be that little bit more committed and overall create a far better sale.

Sometimes the difference is infinitesimal, but more often than not it’s a few % points on your price and a huge reduction in the likelihood of future complications and price changes etc.

So if you think selling your house is easy, what that really means is you have a huge opportunity in front of you.

As always, any questions please do ask.