It’s all in the detail…..

I went out on a valuation to see a family that have had their property on the market for a year.  I spoke with them at length about what we do, why every minute detail of their marketing is important and what has been missed.  I shan’t bore you with what their current agent has done over the past year, but when the marketing  consists of four images, two being the front of the house, one of the garden and the other being the kitchen in a bit of a mess, it’s not a surprise it’s not sold.  The worst thing being that it’s a cracking house!

Myself and Will Ablett (photographer) went out to take the property on.  The couple have children, so although the place wasn’t messy, they have a lot of stuff and if we’d simply taken pictures of what is there, they would have merely looked okay.

We spent about two hours there purely on staging and photos.  We created a complete mess and left the couple with a fair bit of tidying up to do but we got some stunning pictures that truly do the property justice.

We took TV’s down, posters, moved furniture, plants, desks, chairs, pictures, remote controls, cleaned under the bed and anything else that made sure the vendors house looks as good as it can.  Why oh why would an agent not do this?  Not only does it make selling the property easier, but I think is one of the key reasons I get recommended so much.

It’s not cheap to sell a house, with the agent fee being one of the most costly (stamp duty is pretty good too) so make sure that if you instruct an agent, that they’re going to give it they’re all.

Here is a great example of the difference between an agent that takes care and an agent that doesn’t.

This is actually the same house

I’m not perfect, but I can guarantee expert advice and honest coupled with an attention to detail that is severely lacking with 99% of estate agents.