Market Update

Ain’t moving property hard enough without the press ramming doom and gloom down your throat?

I’m all for honest reporting, but most of what I’m reading is sensationalized nonsense.  We’re still selling houses, so people are still buying.

A wise man once said to me “There’s no such thing as a bad market, it’s just different” which is entirely true.

So anyway, down to what’s happening on the front line of property sales.  Firstly, trying to sell an overpriced flat is just about bloody impossible.  Seriously, unless it’s spectacular, it has to be priced keenly.  If your agent messes up the marketing, you’re really in trouble.  Good sized flats with private gardens are holding up, but anything else is finding it tough.

Houses in the area are still going strong.  Especially the detached property around the £300k – £400k mark.  Too many buyers, not enough property.  Actually makes it a good time to sell as it will be quick and as pain free as moving house can be.

So does that make it a terrible market?  If you overpaid for a pokey new build flat and you want to sell right this second?  Yes.  If you own a 3-bedroom detached house in a good road, it’s bordering on spectacular.  Work that one out!