Market Update

Mr Green Estate Agents market update.

What’s selling in this area?

Family houses are selling quickly and for strong prices.  Not silly prices, but strong prices.  I believe the positivity from buyers is based on there being such a low supply of good houses.  Very few people are putting their property on the market so far in 2012.  Anything that is coming on is being sold within the first two weeks.

If your house has a bit of character and a good garden then you will have no problems finding a buyer whatsoever.  Prime areas such as Hengistbury Head are low on supply.  It’s understandable why nobody wants to move from this beautiful area, but we have lots of people wanting to move in.

New build flat prices are under pressure, as always.  There just isn’t a ‘buy to live’ market for these properties.  Investors will purchase in order to rent out but they’re not paying big money.  This makes moving increasingly difficult for those that purchased in the peak of the market.

Garden flats are very popular too; especially if it’s on the ground floor with direct access to a private garden.  Similar with houses, there’s very short supply of good properties like this.

Who is buying?

Nearly everything we’re selling is to out of area buyers.  Most are smart and looking for good family homes between £300k and £500k in the best school catchments.

Advice to sellers.

Think about your buyer.  Target the people that are going to actually buy your home. This will result in the best possible sale.