How to monitor property prices… The basics.

Hi, I see many differing information on how people see pricing when living in the exact same area.  So how does that happen and who is right?

There’s no exact science, but if you want to check on what’s been happening locally, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Use this land registry tool to check real sold prices. Click here.

As a quick tip, it’s easier to simply use a postcode district (eg. BH6) and then say the last 3-6 months or so as a date range.  You’ll get a lot of sold prices and you’ll likely recognise a few.

2. Although Rightmove is losing it’s touch somewhat for buyers, it’s still a great research tool.  Have a play around, have a look at what is sold stc and what isn’t. Look at listing dates.  If you do this frequently, you’ll get a good feel for something when it hits the market as to whether it will sell or not.

3.  It’s a full time job with some pretty awesome tools to hand to monitor just our local market for us.  If you want a really good idea in terms of what’s happening for specific property types and values, give us a shout.  Click here to fire us an email. 

Any questions please do ask.  Simon.