Open plan spaces…. 5 key features buyers love!

Does anyone not love open plan living now? As soon as we get to a price point, this is either what buyers want there for them now or want to be able to create it for themselves.

Not all spaces are created equal. Some view amazingly well and others don’t quite hit the mark, along with everything in-between.

A recent property we’ve sale-agreed nails that extended space really, really well. Perfectly really. The only thing that may change is the size of the space as you go up in value or down accordingly.

We use Matterport technology to showcase the homes we have for sale. This gives an immersive experience of these spaces that can only be bettered in person. Take a look at the tour we’ve created for this home. Click here *insert Matterport link.

As we show so many homes to so many buyers, we get the chance to really feel how buyers react to different spaces. What features give that extra edge to others?

Here’s a list of 5 features that buyers really love to see!

  • Kitchen island with breakfast stools. Making the kitchen a genuinely social space is a must.
  • Woodburner. Nothing beats a real woodburning burner, but actually we’ve found that electric versions do just as well for most. It’s creating a central point for the living area that’s key!
  • Bi-fold doors across the entire rear of the space. That in out vibe really takes things to another level. Large patio doors are fab, and probably easier to live with, but in terms of wow factor when showing a buyer, nothing beats glass/doors filling the entire space.
  • A formal dining space. Whether 4 seats or 6, having the formal dining space in this area is key.
  • Larder cupboards…. everyone loves a larder-esque cupboard/pullout. Bigger the better.