Overpricing property is the biggest mistake you can possibly make……

The one thing that overpricing a property will do is reduce interest, which leads to fewer viewings which then leads to longer on the market and a lower price achieved. So why do so many people make the same mistake? I’ll be damned if I know. I do know that it’s a lot harder to sell a property that has been on the market at an extortionate price for a long time than one that’s fresh to market.

Would you pay £10 for a Mars Bar in a corner shop, when you can buy one next door for 50p?

Interest drives price, not what you list it at. Use the price to drive as much decent interest towards your property as possible. This is done in loads of ways and your estate agent should be able to advise.

Properties get their best price within first 4 weeks of going to market. Hanging around will guarantee that you don’t.  Mr Green frequently sells property for above the advertised asking price.  Remember, you’ve only got 4 weeks…..