Poor photography….. totally unacceptable.

Surely we’re now at a point in time where poor photography when marketing a property is simply unacceptable?

If you’re like me and you cruise through Rightmove checking out property listings in your spare time, how frequently do you find yourself coming across a set of details where the photography looks like it was done in 30 seconds flat for the whole house?

An estate agent cannot convey their absolute dislike for their profession more clearly than by taking terrible pictures of the homes they’re selling.  I mean, that’s their job, innit?  An estate agents job is to market property to the best of their ability?  No?  How are these people still in business.  Imagine your local green grocer doing their darnedest to not sell you some fruit and veg.  Maybe package it up really poorly and hide it from sight?  Or draw some mould coloured spots on the boxes……..

I’m totally bemused and confused by how little effort is actually put in to selling houses from some agents.  Even if your agent is taking average pics it’s a bit of a con really.  I would love to know what you think………..