Property can bring out the worst in people……..

This weekend has left me questioning why logical thinking, manners and morals are so frequently thrown out the window when buying and selling property.  Money just has a funny way of making people act like nutters.  When property is the most valuable thing most people own, and hundreds of thousands of pounds are going to change hands when sold, is it at all surprising that people get a bit doolally?

What is it about this emotional, stressful, big-sums-of-money process that promotes this screw or be screwed culture?

Many estate agents begin screwing their clients from the second the sole-agency contract is signed.  Buyers and sellers  frequently stitch each other up and allow a chain to fall apart, reduce their offer of purchase the day before exchange, lie, cheat and bully their way to achieving whatever it is they want.  Lest we forget that estate agents are screwed pretty frequently too.  I’m in no doubt that that is the reason why their contracts are so water tight and restrictive, to protect themselves and their business.

Something like 35% of all property transactions fall apart after being agreed.  That’s staggering! 

How can we improve things?  I’ve got a million ideas and would need a separate blog post or 20.

There are many, many really great people that I’ve worked for and that is what gives me faith in this industry.  It can and will get better with Mr Green leading the revolution.

Leave some comments below if there’s anything you think would help.  Always keen to hear the views of others.