Estate agents and robbing the elderly!

Had a pretty strange situation with a valuation this week.  I’ll recount it exactly as it happened so that I don’t get sued by anyone, but to say I was left disgusted would be a bit of an understatement.

Monday morning – call from nice lady, 86 years young, asking for a valuation. Her friend had recommended Mr Green.  Booked valuation for Tuesday afternoon.  She mentioned she had another agent going round this afternoon to give her a valuation too.  We said our goodbyes and I said I looked forward to seeing her tomorrow.

Monday afternoon – Call in to the office from ladies grandson cancelling the valuation.  Ok, I thought.  Bit weird but okay.  Linda, who took the message thought it was all a bit weird but I was out and about so just took it as cancelled.

Bit later on that afternoon, message left on voicemail requesting we do carry out the valuation tomorrow afternoon from the nice lady.  Very bizarre.

When I got back in the office I rang back to confirm and lady said she would definitely like me to come along.  So we’re back in.

Tuesday afternoon valuation – Very nice lady and her son in law greet me, I take a look around, have a bit of small talk.  Then we sit down and the lady explained what happened yesterday.  The agent had basically slaughtered her bungalow and told her she’d be lucky to get £150k for it and to go on the market at £165k   (I have very recently sold a bungalow just round the corner, on a really busy road road that wasn’t as nice for £175k).  The agent then got her to sign up with him on the spot.  The agent then had her grandson, who is his friend, call up and cancel the valuation we had booked in.

I couldn’t tell you exactly why this has happened or the exact motives, but it’s about as close to robbing an old lady as is legally possible.

She’s cancelled the other agent and instructed Mr Green.  It’s going to market at £199,950, which is much more like it.

You can make your own mind up as to why someone would do this to an elderly lady, but I felt it was necessary to put it out there.  I was/am genuinely shocked that someone would do that.  Bleurgh.