3 tips to selling on the £250k stamp duty threshold.

The £250k stamp duty marker is, without doubt, the biggest pain in the arse for those selling in and around the price point.

So what’s the best approach to ensuring you get the best price?

  • Pricing at £255k is pointless. Everyone that sees it knows you want £250k for it. But more importantly, a huge number of people only search up to £250k, so you’re immediately losing a large section of potential buyers.  Stick it bang on the price point.
  • You can get a bundling up of property around the stamp duty marker.  If your property is on at £250k to get eg. £235k be wary of the fact that you will be coming up against property that would be worth around £260k on at exactly the same money.  Keep the asking price and desired price very close or buyers will continually choose the better property, obviously.
  • Small details make a big difference with any property, but around the congested £250k mark, even more so.  Have a look at the blog that Helen Silver has written about presenting your home for a sale. 
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