Short blog! Why do people make bad decisions when buying/selling?

  1. It’s REALLY hard to be good at it. Not many people seem to realise this.
  2. It’s stressful. It’s far harder to make clear decisions when under stress.
  3. Emotions. Getting your children into the required school catchment in time, selling your home of 20 years…. there’s a lot more at play than simply bricks and mortar.

So what can you do about it? I guess that’s what you really want to know? 5 quick tips.

  1. Accept you probably don’t have time to become amazing at it, but you can become not terrible.
  2. Decide what’s actually important to you and focus on those few things.
  3. Write everything down.
  4. Hire the best people you can (if you can).
  5. Expect plan A to turn into plan B or C. So decide on those early.

My aim has always been to help people move with less stress and I guess without being ripped off or tricked. There’s a lot of money at stake and it’s not always possible to work alongside really good people.

Any questions please do ask.