10 things to do if you’re struggling to sell, before lowering the price……

I speak to hundreds of people that, for a multitude of reasons, are really struggling to sell their property.  It’s frustrating times for them as they mostly don’t understand why.  Often their agent won’t know themselves, or will make up a reason that perhaps isn’t actually true.  Default go-to is usually to reduce the price.  Is that really the only option?  Of course not!

1.  Have a VERY honest look at what’s happened so far.  Moving forward starts with an honest assessment of where you currently are.  What are you moving forward from?

2.  Get a Rightmove report for your current listing from your agent.  Is it positive?  The click through rate in the Southbourne area, and pretty much most of Bournemouth you should be above 7% to be considered a positive report.  Everything else will take me a little longer to explain the positive or negatives of.

3.  How many GOOD viewings have you had?  I don’t mean good by the feedback, I mean good as in they ticked all three boxes of –

  1. They were in a position to buy.
  2. They are looking for what your property offers.
  3. They have the budget to pay what you’re asking.

4.  Of those that ticked all three boxes.  What did they say?  If you don’t have feedback, get it from your agent.  Ask difficult questions if you have to.

5.  Are your pictures actually any good? Professional photography is the most basic of basics when it comes to selling a property.  I wouldn’t personally sell anything without it, let alone my most valuable asset.

6.  Floorplan, dimensions, square footage?  All on there and ultra clear?

7.  Is it advertised on both Zoopla and Rightmove?  Not other online portal matters, but these two do.

8.  What does your agent say?  Do they have any plans for going forward?  Plan A hasn’t worked, so what is plan B?  Does that sound promising?

9.  If your agent isn’t lighting your world on fire, what are your other options?  Might be worth doing some research on other agents.  See what their view is on things.  Remember, they’re sales people so 90% of what they say will be telling you what you want to hear.  Check out the blog on instructing an agent to get through to the real info.

10.  Take your property off the market whilst making the decisions on the above.  It’s emotionally draining not selling.  Take a break, clear your head, don’t worry about getting the place ready for a couple weeks and then plan your fresh re-launch.  This well could be with your existing agent, or the new one.

Remember, it’s your property.  You’re the person this impacts the most.

Any questions give me a shout.