Target marketing buyers…….

At Mr Green, we’ve been highly targeting buyers for individual properties for over a year now.  We don’t do it for the sake of just doing it, but because it means we’re better at selling houses.  Much better at selling houses.
Identifying the most likely buyer type for a property enables us to slant the marketing towards those people, directly in the places they’re looking.  This leads to higher quality enquiries specifically for each property we have on our books.  You know, people that actually want to see the house and don’t have to be dragged round against their will.  Or tricked into seeing something we know they won’t want to.  Not that any agent would ever do that, of course.
Because our marketing is so much more heavily targeted, this enables us to entirely cut out all the nonsense you get with many other agents.  If a property has a small garden, guess what?  People that want a big garden aren’t going to buy it.  Even if you trick them in to having a look.
Ever heard an agent say “Get as many people through the door as possible and someone will buy it”?  I have.  Loads of times.  I entirely disagree with it.  Why not just take the people round that are actually likely going to buy it?  The chucking mud against a wall until some sticks days are over.  Well they’re not, but they should be.  What do you think?