The Mr Green difference.

I’m going to use a flat that I’ve taken on this morning as an example for this blog post.  This flat was previously on the market.  I’ve taken the image below from the previous agents details. I shan’t name the agent that had it on their books, but they’re an upmarket agent in the area.  They have a decent reputation and a lot of agency experience.  This example is simply a typical thing I see from most agents in the area, all the time.  I’d like to make clear that this was their live details, on the market stuff, I’m not taking an image that didn’t go anywhere.  This is their finished product.  All over the internet, to be viewed by tens of thousands of people.

Property went to market like this with previous agent.











The best thing about the flat is this room and the view from it.  To be fair to them, all properties Mr Green takes on we use a pro photographers, so we’re already going to get better images than an agent that doesn’t.  Here is a quick snap of room when we arrived.

Taken by our pro photographer without moving anything.










Neither of these two shots do the room justice.  In person it has an entirely different feel to what the images suggest.

This property is a two bedroom flat.  It took my photographer and I approximately an hour and a half from start to finish, that’s it.  But what was the finished product that will go live?

After 15 minutes of setting the scene.










My job is to get someone the maximum price possible for their property.  This is just one picture.  Add up the difference between every image and you’ve got an entirely different property.  A far better representation of how the property needs to be marketed.

The agents job is to make these differences.  If they don’t help you get the maximum price, what are they charging you for?  To undersell your most valuable asset?

If you’re trying to sell a property and it doesn’t look this good, give me a call, I can help. 01202 387718.