The perfect buying setup for £10.

If you’re buying a property you need to be available, but estate agents can be mighty annoying.  So how do you get the perfect setup for house-hunting?

1.  Setup an entirely new email address that yourself and whoever else is buying with you has access to.  Why do this?  Saves you missing the perfect property and ensures you can just stop looking at it as soon as you’re sorted.  Use this to register with agents and anyone else property related.

2.  Buy a phone for £10 with a pay and go sim.  Nokia are always good as the battery lasts forever and they don’t break.  The reason you do this is that you give this to every agent you register with.  You know that when it rings it’s about property.  You don’t miss anything and only answer it when you’re ready to speak.  Also, when you’re done you can just turn it off.

There you go, the perfect setup and it’s only cost a tenner.