The three reasons we’re doing this special offer.

So, if you haven’t seen it yet, Mr. Green launched a special offer for anyone selling their home in a BH postcode.

So the reasons behind the campaign.

1. I started Mr. Green because the estate agents I had dealt with as a mortgage broker were so terrible. Mind-blowingly terrible in some cases, yet they still charged good people thousands of £’s to sell their home; badly. Some agents were actually selling property so badly that it was no doubt costing their clients money. So this campaign is to, in part, achieve what I set out to do; create an estate agency offering that is outrageously good value.

2. To help spread the word about how good we are. The more happy customers Mr. Green has the stronger the business becomes.

3. Because we can. Why not just choose to do something that helps people out?

Let me know your thoughts on the offer and call us if you wish to take it up.

Happy selling

Simon Ward
Mr Green Estate Agents