What type of buyer are you?

Very few people are experts at buying property.  It’s quite a straightforward process, but there are so many hurdles and conmen involved that it’s hard to apply any commonsense to the situation.  

Excited first time buyer.  The type of buyer that gets excited at every property you show them, makes decisions too quickly and will very often make an offer that is too high.  I see this very frequently.  The EFTB is simple prey for an estate agent with no morals.  I’ve spoken to an EFTB that had put an offer in on a property but didn’t even know how long the lease on the flat was.  Turned out to be 65 years.  No idea that it is a problem. 

Everyone is an EFTB at some point.  Most important thing to do is TAKE YOUR TIME.  Don’t rush in to anything.  The risk of missing out on a property is much less than the risk with buying a lemon.

Idiot that will never buy anything.  I’m not kidding.  How many people are out there doing viewings, making offers and generally being a right time-waster and pain in the arse?  I know of a woman that had 3 purchases agreed, had surveys and ended up pulling out of EVERY single one!  One was three days prior to exchange. The reason?  The property had stairs!  No s**t.  The other two involved a kitchen shrinking and an area becoming run down through the process.

If you’re this type of buyer, you’re a twat and everyone thinks so.

The know it all.  Will make silly offers, in an entirely unreasonable way and generally piss everyone off.  There are different levels of this type of person, but their actual knowledge is often limited, hence making a hash of it all.  I had a couple come and view a property with me (we’d already had 3 offers at £250k), were telling me how successful they are at buying property and how quickly they can move.  They put in an offer of £110k, 100% serious.  Took me a couple of minutes to decide if they were being serious, but they did want me to put it to the vendor as they thought it was a good offer.  They weren’t going to up it either…..

I’ve got about a million other examples but would love to hear from other agents what they get…..