To describe Bournemouth in its entirety on one page is simply impossible.  It covers a pretty big area and many different, unique places within its suburbs such as Southbourne, Westbourne, Charminster, Talbot Woods, Moordown, Queen’s Park, Littledown, Boscombe, Hengistbury Head, Meyrick Park and many more.

Here’s a quick overview of the centre of Bournemouth:
You have to start with the beaches, right?  The place has golden sand galore and is a tourist haven.  The second the sun comes out, people pour to the beaches alongside Bournemouth pier.  You won’t find many locals there, as we know the best places to go 😉

The actual town centre is a pretty decent place to go shopping.  It’s not London, but it’s pretty good.  Night-life for all tastes is available too.  Fancy getting hammered with the students and hen-parties?  No problem.  Fancy an upmarket cocktail and a nice meal?  Bournemouth has you perfectly covered too.

There’s also plenty of entertainment to be found with the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) hosting a variety of people from Michael Mcintyre to 50 Cent!
If you fancy taking a look around, why not start at the pier and take a look around.  If you’re thinking of selling or trying to sell a property in Bournemouth, fill out the valuation form on the right hand side.