We love helping people find their new home!


Our Landlords

Finding a new home for yourself, your family or when sharing with friends is an exciting time.  We like to make this exciting process as stress free as possible for all involved.

We treat everyone with respect and like to work with landlords and tenants that have that same ethos.  Bringing good people together!

Any questions please always ask and we shall be happy to help.

Steps to moving in.

Once you’ve found your ideal home, we want to make sure you get to move in as quickly as possible, with the minimum level of stress and fuss.

We have a simple step by step process we follow:

  1. Landlord. Has to be happy with your offer in terms of money, situation and timescales.
  2. Due diligence. There are a series of checks and references we have to carry out.
  3. Property. The property has to be ready for you to move in to on the date you want.
  4. Inventory. Report on property condition.
  5. Funds. Get the funds transferred for deposit.
  6. Sign Tenancy. Agree and sign up for the move in date.

Great communication is our key ingredient to every situation.

Landlords, what do we look for?

Our first consideration when deciding to work with a Landlord, and ultimately someone you will rely on for many things in your home is whether we would like to live in a home they owned ourselves.

Moving in somewhere is a big deal.  We want to make sure you are always well looked after in the homes we manage and a key part of that is how conscientious our Landlords are.

We really do believe in bringing great Tenants and great Landlords together and then being a great agent in looking after you both.