10 simple ways to guarantee you sell for more £!

There are lots of things you can do that are really simple that will guarantee you sell for more £. So many people fail to take advantage of them.  

Appeal to a buyer’s pride

Buyers will share your home with friends and family, and the feedback from those people will help or hinder the negotiation considerably. 

  1. Make your home look incredible online. 
  2. Create a beautiful brochure for them to show off to people. 
  3. Have a high-quality virtual tour. 
  4. Make it easy for them to share. 

Trust & confidence

People want to buy from a trustworthy seller. Giving them confidence in the home and then paying the right price. 

  1. Be transparent and well-prepared with information. (agent and seller). Has the boiler been serviced? When was it?  
  2. Provide clear information on your position and what a buyer can expect from you as a seller. 


If you wow people with customer service, they’ll pay a bit more. It works in conjunction with the trust and confidence section. Everyone has met a slightly narky agent, and it just doesn’t put someone in the mindset to pay their top price. 

  1. From enquiry to the agent to viewing, it all impacts price and confidence. Premium service for a premium price. 
  2. Prep the property for viewings. Take them super seriously when you have an excellent potential buyer viewing. Flowers, smell, cleanliness etc., all have a massive impact. 
  3. Make it easy for people to view, but ideally, show them at a time when the property is at its best. Eg. the afternoon is fantastic for light. 

Make it easy for a buyer.

Finding wins for your buyer.  

Convenience and certainty have value. Sellers will have varying degrees of how much they can provide to a potential buyer, but it comes in exchange for £££ and is a key part of any negotation. Failing to negotiate on these points is a costly one.  

I’ve had a buyer go to their max price (reluctantly) if the seller guaranteed a date for their move. It saved them storage and all sorts of inconvenience. The seller was more than happy to accommodate. It’s a win/win.  

  1. Certainty. Eg. If I can’t find somewhere, I’ll move out by X date for you.  
  2. Convenience. I know you want to paint the gate at the front of the house and I’ll get it done between exchange and completion.  

There are hundreds upon hundreds of ways to find value for a potential buyer. Not all cost and the best ones are where they work for you as a seller anyway. 

Any questions please do ask. I hope these blogs are useful. 


Simon Ward