3D property mapping now available for Southbourne sellers.

We’ve just embraced a massive step in tech for all of our sellers.  It’s huge, different and incredibly exciting!

We can now 3D map a property and give people a virtual viewing.  Check it out below, I think it speaks for itself more than I can.

Benefits to our sellers:

  1.  Enable unlimited number of the highest standard virtual viewings all at once.  Our first property had over 219 viewings in the first 5 hours of being online.
  2.  Enormous reduction in time-wasted viewings.  The only viewings that will be carried out will be by buyers that have already had a pre-viewing.
  3. Higher level of good quality viewings as the market is now opened up enormously.  Would you travel 150 miles to see a specific house?  You would if you had the confidence it was what you were after.  You get that from this technology.