5 easy tips to ensure you have a good sale

Regardless of the property price, here are 5 tips to help you along the way to selling heaven.

1.  Clear out the clutter.

This is probably a pain in the wotsit to do, but 100% worth the effort.  “Lived in, but only just.” is my motto.

2.  Have professional photography taken.

This will make a massive difference to how your property is viewed online.  Simply a must.  Do not compromise.

3.  Price it right.

Pricing right is pretty straight forward.  Often the best and easiest way to price a property is to work out the average £/sq. ft. of similar properties.  Often on the floorplan you’ll see the total area of the property, then divide the price by that figure.  You’ll find that all the houses are pretty similar dependant on work.  Also do your research online (Land registry data and Rightmove) but go and actually look at your competition.

4.  Standout feature picture.

You can halve or double the number of people viewing your property details online simply through the feature picture.  Standing out is more important than anything else.  Actually do the search on Rightmove that you think your buyers will be doing and see what picture will have it stand out best.  Colours are a good way.  If there are lots of red brick houses in the list with the outside as the feature pic, use a very green pic of the garden.

5.  Monitor the marketing and make changes if needed.

Upfront decisions may turn out to be incorrect.  You’ll only know this by monitoring the online figures, the enquiry rates and the viewing figures and offer figures.  If the click through rate is bad (see Rightmove report) then change the main picture.

Do not let your property simply sit online doing nothing.  That is really bad.