5 estate agency tricks to beware.

So, you’re thinking of selling your home? ¬†*I hope you’re listing it with Mr. Green! ūüėČ

Here are 5 things that estate agents will tell you.


  • “We have buyers waiting. We’ll sell this house right away.” ¬†This is an easy line to run out when the agency has a 12 week + sole agency contract. ¬†One that you simply must sign prior to them bringing round their two dozen buyers. ¬†
  • Please, please, please be careful when signing in to a contract. ¬†I’ve seen a Palmer Snell contract that signed a couple up on the terms that Palmer Snell would earn a percentage of the price the property was listed at, not what it sold at. ¬†Funnily enough it was listed seriously bloody high and with a 20 week sole agency tie-in. ¬†20 weeks in order to get the price down whilst guaranteeing a really high fee regardless. ¬†Ouch.
  • When doing viewings, if the agent hasn’t actually got proper feedback, here are a few things they will tell you. ¬†1. They really like it but need to sell their own. ¬† 2. ¬†Not the right area. ¬†(why the hell did you bring them round?) ¬†3. ¬†They’ve got a few more viewings and then they’ll come back to me. ¬†4. ¬†They’re thinking about it. ¬†5. ¬†Not for them, that’s all they said.
  • On valuation “No, you don’t need to do any work at all. ¬†The house looks great and I’m confident we’ll still get you top money. ¬†Buyers like putting their own stamp on things.” ¬†What a load of tosh. ¬†Buyers won’t pay top money unless your home is a top money property. ¬†
  • To buyers “We’ve got loads of viewings on this place so you had better act quickly if you want to get it” ¬†The agent forgetting the buyer knows it’s already been on the market for 6 months. No trust.
  • Final one to buyers “You can’t view that property until you’ve been financially verified by our mortgage advisor” ¬†Lol. I hear this all the time, it’s total garbage. ¬†Stand your ground.¬†