Agent v Pro Photographer!

Nathan put his reputation on the line against Trey to see if his photos are really any better?

Trey’s photography skills don’t go beyond snapping Instragram boomerangs to his 1million followers, but he’s determined to give Nathan a run for his money! Nathan has been a full time pro at Mr Green for a couple years already, so you’d like to think he’s going to win!

The rules are simple:

Trey gets to use Nathan’s camera or his own phone or whatever he wants. Along with as much editing as he can muster (or not muster).

Nathan can only do what he normally does. No extra editing.

The winner is based on your choice! 💚 for Trey! 📸 for Nathan!

Firstly we have Trey’s efforts. This isn’t the easiest property to take pics of, but I think he’s done a good job.

And Nathan’s pics……..

I’m going to say right now that this was a far from fair fight…. I think we need to level the playing field for the next challenge a touch.

Comment for who you think takes the win. 💚 for Trey! 📸 for Nathan!