BREXIT – what does it mean for Southbourne?

At any given point we would approximate that 15% of the buying market are not yet ready/wanting to buy. BREXIT is a great reason as to delay and very likely taking on from the previous reason as to why that individual is not yet ready to go ahead.

…Of course there are the chancers and those that will look to take advantage of an opportunity.    …  It’s nonsense of the highest order in the residential market place (different for commercial).

…But the key here is that this leaves 85% of the market in the ‘not changing plans’ brigade.  …

…The market here in Southbourne, when faced with any possible uncertainty it’s supply of property to market that gets hit.    This creates a build up in demand as more buyers are hoping to buy than can buy and that then keeps prices high.  …  You can imagine a market where there is consistent uncertainty in a moving job market etc. and we don’t have that here.

…So in summary, BREXIT has so far had no impact on us on the sunny coast here or the surrounding areas.