Problems with being a brutally honest estate agent……..

Being very honest has served Mr Green incredibly well.  We’re slowly but surely enhancing our local reputation and on the back of that, we’re doing more business.  But being brutally honest does have a few drawbacks.

  •  Honesty sometimes isn’t what people want to hear.  Nobody likes upsetting people, but I think the truth is important.  I’ve never had a situation where telling the truth hasn’t been the best option.  It’s certainly harder to be honest than it is to be dishonest.
  • Losing the odd valuation.  A property valuers job is to get you on the books.  So when carrying out a valuation, knowing that you will be seeing other agents, they will say what they believe you’d like to hear.  This could involve saying that you don’t need to touch that paintwork up prior to going to market, or you don’t need to clear out the 4th bedroom as nobody notices the junk and it’s not a problem as you’re still going to get a phenomenal price for your home anyway.  (This is obviously BS, but it’s BS that some will take action with.)
So what are the positives with being honest?
  • Better sales are put together.  You have a buyer who trusts the agent, a seller who trusts the agent and that is Pimm’s O’clock in the world of selling houses.  If you don’t trust the middleman, life is really difficult.
  • You take on houses for people that are honest themselves.  Honesty seems to seek honesty.  Working for honest people is far more fun.
There are loads of examples where honesty trumps dishonesty.  It’s not the easy road for an agency, but long term it’s definitely the most prosperous.
Let me know your thoughts on the blog and if you have examples of dishonesty or honesty going for or against you would be ace to hear.