Cheap solicitors are bloody expensive!

I always recommend using a good local solicitor.  Their advice is hugely important when buying or selling a property.  The reality is that you often won’t get advice from a conveyancing warehouse type business.  Speaking to the same person twice would be minor miracle, let alone an actual solicitor.

My experience so far with cheap conveyancing firms is that they’re absolutely fine until something takes them out of their box ticking process.  This could be something simple such as a buyers solicitor requesting that the lease to your property needs a minor variation.  Or that access isn’t clearly marked on the title of the property.  Or that they’d like to see something noted on the insurance policy for the building.

There are a million things that can come up when buying and selling property.  It’s inevitable that something will come up and that’s the point where an actual solicitor will come in to their own.

A lot of these cheap firms are simply call centres with staff that have the most basic training.  You may as well actually do it yourself than give the responsibility to someone entirely incompetent.

Get a good solicitor.  It’s worth the £200 extra.  I’ve seen people close to breaking down because their solicitor has been so entirely incompetent at doing even the most basic things and it puts their sale at risk.

Some conveyancing firms don’t even answer the phone, they will only deal via email.  That’s just stupid.