Estate agents don’t understand marketing.

I don’t know why they don’t.  It’s the single biggest factor in achieving the best possible price.  Those that don’t believe that statement shouldn’t really be selling anything, let alone houses.

Taking a pretty picture of a house and sticking it in the middle of a long list of pretty pictures of pretty houses should be punished by being disintructed.  How could an agent be so daft?  More importantly, how can all of them be so daft?  How can an agent charging over £10k to someone to sell their home make such a stupid mistake? 

In a world of convenience, a property can be missed as easily as it can be found.  The age of  a property living or dying by it’s marketing online is here. 

Marketing anything very well takes time.  Time to do research, time to put it together, time to move the kitchen towel off the oven, time to ensure the copy is right, time to put the pictures in the right order.  Time to monitor the stats and adjust accordingly.  I just changed the main image of a house on Rightmove and doubled the click through rate.  This has led to over double the enquiries.  Just shows that it was being missed before.  Scary thought that you can hide your house on Rightmove.

This leads me on to declaring that cheap estate agency doesn’t work.  It just doesn’t.  You can’t put the time in to market the property properly, let alone chase deals through.  My fees are going up.  I’m too good not to put them up.

Agents that charge a lot, but deliver little are what ruins this industry.  The guys that charge little and deliver lots are the ones that will never compete with them. 

If you’re bloody good, charge for it.