How can a letting agent help when buying an investment?

Helping Landlords with their property search isn’t a service we exactly promote that we offer, but one that those who have taken advantage of it have significantly benefitted from using.

Ryan, our lettings director, has vast experience across the area regarding what makes a good rental, what prices they achieve, what doesn’t work, and what questions to ask/think about when considering a property for purchase.

“I had a client that spoke to me about looking to purchase a property; we had a good discussion on it. They’re experienced people, but there were undoubtedly things they hadn’t considered and locations they had dismissed that would work for them.

All in all, we discussed 12 properties. I helped with rental valuations, the types of tenants they could expect to attract, and any recommended property upgrades. Having the sales team on hand, I can also ask them for advice. The property she purchased was the property that stood out as the clear favourite of the 12.

It needed refurbishing, but I helped with that and ensured it was up to standard.

Mr Green then found tenants for her and fully manage the property. Through advice, we’ve covered our fees for several years already.

The point of needing a tenant is where people typically start to speak to us, but we can help so much more before this point. Especially myself.

The result is a thrilled client who owns a great property, bought it at the right price, and has great tenants.

If you want to have a chat, get in touch on01202 835897 or ryan@simonwww-mrgreenhomes-co-uk

Client feedback.

“Being new in the area and looking for an investment flat, a friend recommended Mr. Green. I was told that they were a very helpful agency. 

I called up initially to just ask for a second opinion on a couple of flats which I had seen through other agencies. I needed to get a second option on their rental potentials. I wasn’t sure if another agent would want to help because there wasn’t much in it for them.

 Ryan was immediately so helpful and a really decent guy. He gave gave me sound advice on the market and the rental potential of all the flats I had seen. I continued to seek his opinion and when I finally bought my flat (through another agent), I asked him to manage it for me. 

It has been seamless and Ryan was so helpful in providing tradesmen names etc. The team have also been great and really friendly. 

Mr. Green are definitely not your typical estate agency. They go above and beyond and are best agency I’ve ever worked with. I highly recommend them. “