Don’t stand for mediocre agents.

An estate agent SHOULD be bringing skills to the table that mean you get a higher price, less stressful sale and all around better experience than if you simply sold your own house.  I so frequently see shoddy marketing and a lazy approach to selling that the agent is almost certainly COSTING the owner money, not helping them out.

Are you selling right now?  Have a look at your property details online.  Do you think you could put together a better advert?  Could you take better pictures?  Now look at the contract you have with your agent, how much are you going to have to pay that agent for the effort they’re putting in?  If you could do a better job, the agents effort is worth a total of £0.  It’s actually probably costing you on your sale price.

It’s important for people to take a stand against poor quality estate agents.  Many are simply low-grade salesmen in pin-striped suits that are more interested in flogging mortgage appointments and solicitor deals than your home.

Don’t put up with it.  If you’re instructing an agent and they hand you a set of details that look terrible, make them re-do them.  It’s not their huge asset that they’re selling, it’s yours!