Navigating this market when selling & buying…

It’s tough enough navigating a normal market when selling & buying, so when it’s not, it’s seriously tough to make good decisions.

In any market, selling before you find/buy is the most effective moving method. You’ll be in a better negotiating position and realistically, it’s near impossible to get a property taken off the market without your own buyer.

At the moment, it’s a case of treating offers with care. There aren’t many flying around and often what might have been a lousy offer last year is now a really good one, or maybe your only one…..

The great thing about it being a tougher market to sell in is that it’s a much better one to buy in. Last year I was meeting people that had offered on ten properties and not been successful even once. Those days are over.

I think the opportunity to buy in a notoriously difficult area to do so is a huge one. If you want to move, I think now is the best time that we’ve seen in the last 4 years by a long way.

Any questions, do ask. Happy house-hunting.