Panic when moving home……………..

For most people, moving house is incredibly stressful.  I’ve seen the best of people turn a little doolally during the process.  Logic seems to disappear at times.


The three reasons I find that cause the most stress are:


1)  Not really knowing what’s happening.  Communication between parties is mostly poor.  This will happen for several reasons.  One is that pretty much every agent in the chain will look after their own interests first.  This is natural.  The next is that solicitors are generally poor communicators.  It’s mostly overly formal.  Very few people communicate in this way in general life so things will be taken in a different way as to intended.  A good example of this is that I had a buyer ask their solicitor if the vendor was planning to leave behind a set of blinds.  Solicitor sends formal letter to sellers solicitor requesting blinds.  Sellers solicitor sends on request and seller takes it as an ultimatum and gets upset.  Tiny detail.  Totally crazy and resulted from a passing comment from buyer.


2)  Money.  It makes people crazy.  When dealing with rather large sums, it gets worse.  There is no solution to this other than thinking more about why you’re moving, rather than how much money you’re making.  Not easy.


3)  Picking up your worldly goods and putting them in boxes and moving them somewhere else is weird for people.  That in-between part between leaving and settling is not easy.  Every person I’ve seen that has moved to their new home feels a lot better the second they get in.  The thought of moving is worse than the reality.  If only the process could be done in a day!


4)  Being out of control.  Until exchange of contracts, anything can happen.  Many things can happen that nobody can actually affect.  If the bottom of the chain decide they’re not moving any longer, what can you do if you’re at the top?  This can be 3 weeks in, 8 weeks in if it’s going slow.  All that time wasted.  Chuck selfish estate agents in to the mix, with poor communicating solicitors and it’s no wonder people get stressed.


If you get a decent agent, someone you trust to look after you, life will be a lot easier.  Same with finding a decent solicitor.  Maybe not the most formal, but someone that can advise you on things appropriately.


Any questions give me a shout or leave a comment.