Phoebe Case Study – How great communication can save a difficult situation, or 10! 

How great communication can save a difficult situation, or 10! 

I went to value a home in Southbourne, a nice house with lovely owners. Carrying out due diligence on price is important to me. During this process, we did an off-market viewing with a potential buyer with whom we’d been in contact for a few weeks. 

The viewing was one I’ll remember forever. Tears. The instant connection between the buyer and ‘hopefully’ the home they’d buy. Memorable, to say the least.

Who would have known that we’d face one year and two days of seemingly never-ending challenges before they moved in? 

Our client lost a forward purchase, the buyer lost their buyer, and further up the chain, someone put their price up by a lot, surveys, moving dates etc. This sale had it all.  

These types of sales do happen. It’s rare for a property sale to be simple but so rare that one transaction encompasses many such challenges. 

It’s a sale that fills me with pride and to play a part in helping our client move. We sell houses, but it’s 100% a people’s business. We’ve gone through so much together over the year. 

Feedback from the seller: Click here to see the Google Review.

“The team at Mr Green were excellent in every way whilst selling our home.

They knew the local property market very well, answered emails and calls promptly and kept us updated at every stage.

I would highly recommend their services to anyone selling their home.

Thank you guys for making our sale as smooth as possible.”

Feedback from the buyer: Click here to see Google Review.

“The whole of the Mr Greens team have been fantastic especially Phoebe, who has helped us tremendously during our purchase. They have always kept us informed throughout evey stage of the purchase and have done everything they can to facilitate it going through.”