Preparing for photos.

Perfect is rarely possible, but every little helps.


Here are our top tips for preparing for the day of photography.

1. Clear the clutter.  We all live with things out, it’s handy.  Photography magnifies clutter ten-fold so hiding things away makes a huge difference.

2. Clean & touch up any obvious marks on carpets, wood-work, kitchens etc.

3. Plants and flowers always add to a photograph. If you don’t have any plants, it’s always worth getting a simple bunch of flowers in a vase to put on the table.

4. Personal items – hiding or taking down/replacing overly personal photos gives any would-be buyer the opportunity to focus on themselves living in the property.

5. We all love pets, but it’s always worth hiding away any signs of pets (scratch post, dog beds).

If you have any questions or queries relating to presentation, please do give us a call.