Relationships with an estate agent…. why doesn’t it always click?

There is no right or wrong. But this is one of the fundamental differences between estate agents and the experience you will have with them. Relationships & people go hand in hand. Get the right match and you will be in for a great time, mismatch and that’s a guarantee for there to be friction and problems at some point.

Trust/honesty/transparency – How much do you even want to trust your agent? Some people start off with no intention of trusting their agent. That’s just their preference. Some really want to fully trust who they’re dealing with. The key here is that you and the agent match. There’s no sense in hiring and paying for the best agent in the world if you don’t want to trust them. You are far more suited to a different service.

Control – Who is leading who? This is really important to understand and decide. Some sellers want to be in control. Again, is it worth paying an expert if you want to run your own sale? Probably not.

Service – This differs hugely between agents. If you’re expecting A and get B, there’s going to be a problem. This could be something as simple as if the agent gives advice on the survey results. Are you going to have your home staged by the agent or not? It’s such an important time in a sale and something you might expect to get but don’t, or don’t want and have paid for.

The ideal scenario is that the above 3 categories match between client and agent. If not, but you still want to go ahead, at the very least each party has clear expectations.

If not, there are so many options out there that you can find the right agent for you.