Rightmove has made agents lazy……..

I think we can all admit, as estate agents, that for finding buyers, Rightmove is the single most powerful marketing tool we currently have.

It’s brilliant.

The biggest issue I see facing agents is that Rightmove’s brilliance is making them really lazy.  Having a flick through at some of the listings and they’re almost laughable.  I mean, what the hell are people paying these agents to do?  Present their home terribly in the place all their potential buyers are looking?

I’d love to say it was limited to the agents serving the lower priced property, but it’s just as bad at the higher end.  How much work is expected of an agent for their £0000’s in commission?

Think about it this way.  If you had put your own property details together, would you have done a better job than your agent?  If your answer is yes, then you’re already a better agent than the people you’re paying £0000’s to.  Which is crazy.

Standards have to increase across the board for this profession to be taken seriously.  At present, there are very few that really have the skill or desire to do a fantastic job.