Selling a house that’s been stuck on the market……….

I thought a little case study on a property we sold would make interesting reading.  I am a bit sad about property marketing so I may well be wrong.  Perhaps I’m alone!

The property in question had been on the market since February 2012.  A couple of local agents had a go at selling it, with little success.   This house is not particularly near to our office.  The property is on a busy road and that no doubt put many people off.

We put in a lot of work to sell the house.  It took 8 months from instruction to completion.  But it had been on the market for over a year before we even touched it.  (It’s a lot harder to sell a property that’s been on the market a long time).

The lead in picture, or summary picture is ever important with these things.  We not only had to stop people dismissing it as the property they’d seen so many times before, but also give an instant impression of the rear of the property, which is a world away from the busy front.  Two birds with one stone. Both the previous agents that tried selling the property used exactly the same images.  Here is their choice of summary shot.

We had a far higher number of people clicking through to see further details than when it was listed previously.  That stat is solely down to our choice of photo.  We actually had over twice as many people clicking to see further details.  That’s twice as many potential buyers looking.

Once we’ve got people on to the details, it’s a case of trying to now generate an enquiry.  The previous agents, along with ourselves had used floorplans and several images, along with a general description, so our images were the main part at where we could try and make a difference.

It’s important to remember that a set of details are to entice an enquiry from a potential buyer.  It’s not about showing them everything so they decide if they wish to buy or not buy without enquiring.  As an agent, our job is to then deal with that enquiry and qualify the buyer to ascertain if it’s a property they may well just buy.

So in conclusion, even if you’ve been stuck on the market a long time, it might just need a bit of a revamp of the marketing to get that buyer you’re looking for.

All feedback appreciated in the comments section.

Simon Ward
Mr Green Estate Agents
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