Selling a house that has had subsidence

I hear a lot of drama stories about subsidence such as “don’t ever touch a house that’s had subsidence” or “It’s never safe” etc. etc.

We’re in an area that has historically suffered from subsidence.  Not everywhere and certainly not every house but it’s there and it’s frequent enough.  I’ve dealt with many sales involving properties that have suffered from subsidence.  So the things I’m personally looking for are:

  1. When did the subsidence occur.
  2. Why did it subside.
  3. How much of the property was affected.
  4. What remedy was taken to resolve the issue and when.
  5. Has there been a surveys have taken place on the property since.
  6. What paperwork is there to back up what has happened.

A house that had subsidence in 1990, was underpinned and has all the relevant paperwork along with a recent full structural survey is in my view a very safe bet.